Bad things about living in Phoenix

10 Bad Things About Living in Phoenix | Shocking Facts

Bad Things About Living in Phoenix

Life in Phoenix

Life in Phoenix offers its residents a unique balance of city living and desert exploration. The ‘Valley of the Sun’ is a bustling cosmopolitan city situated in the southwestern United States with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Phoenix has grown to become one of the largest cities in America, making it an attractive destination for those looking for a vibrant urban lifestyle.

The hot dry climate gives rise to incredible sunsets that can be enjoyed from any number of vantage points while being surrounded by breathtaking mountain views makes living in Phoenix truly special. With over 200 parks, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the natural beauty, take part in recreational activities or simply relax and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D!

However, there are some bad things about living in Phoenix that potential residents should consider before taking the leap.

Extremely hot weather, especially during summer

In the coming years, Phoenix, and Arizona at large are predicted to be uninhabitable due to climate change. When it comes to living in the Phoenix area, residents have had to endure some of the hottest temperatures in the world. With an average summer temperature of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Phoenix is known for being one of the most extreme cities when it comes to heat. This intense heat brings with it a number of drawbacks for people living in Phoenix.

For starters, air conditioning bills can skyrocket as many people need to use their AC all day long and at high levels just to keep their homes livable during the summer months. Additionally, outdoor activities become almost impossible due to the high temperatures that can quickly lead to dehydration or sunburns if proper precautions aren’t taken. The intense heat also makes walking outdoors uncomfortable and even dangerous due to burning pavement surfaces that can cause sunburns and blisters on feet and legs. Check out this article for weather and climate trends and forecasts in Phoenix and other cities.

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High cost of living, housing and commodity prices continue to go up

The cost of living in Phoenix, Arizona is high and it’s a reality that many residents must face. As more and more people move to the city, rent prices have risen significantly over the past few years and the city has seen an overall increase in its cost of living.

Thus, one of the bad things about living in Phoenix is that there are very few affordable housing options available to those looking for an apartment or house to rent. Although there are some areas with lower costs, they often come with limited access to public transportation or amenities such as grocery stores and parks. Additionally, even if you can find a place within your budget, you may still be stuck paying utility bills at higher rates than what other cities provide due to Arizona’s warm climate.

Crime is above the national average

According to recent statistics, Phoenix is one of the top five most dangerous large cities in the United States. Crime rates are especially high in certain neighbourhoods and can cause a lot of distress among residents and visitors alike. Property theft and vandalism are rampant, so extra caution must be taken even when inside your own home or vehicle. Additionally, drug-related offences and gang activity have been increasing over time, resulting in an unsettling atmosphere for many people living around these areas.

Bad Things about living in Phoenix-Crime rate

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Rampant drug use, trafficking and addiction

The Phoenix area has experienced a surge in crime related to substance abuse and illegal activity. Drug traffickers are taking advantage of the large population and proximity to the Mexico-United States border to traffic drugs, creating an environment of fear among citizens. Drug addiction is thus on the rise in Phoenix, with a newer trend being young adults getting hooked on opioids, marijuana, cocaine, Mexican black tar heroin, and other dangerous substances. This is driving up the number of overdoses as well as putting an enormous strain on healthcare services.

The effects of this problem are far-reaching – from increased crime rates to rising public health costs due to hospitalizations related to overdoses. Those struggling with addiction also face a higher risk of homelessness, poverty, mental illness and even death due to their substance use disorder. These issues not only impact those using drugs but also their friends, families and communities as a whole.

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Dust storms occur regularly

Dust storms occur when there is a sudden gust of wind that picks up small particles of sand and dust from Arizona’s dry deserts. These storms create a wall or cloud of dirt and debris that can be both visually obtrusive as well as damage properties.

Phoenix Dust storms

Dust storms are incredibly unpredictable, often appearing suddenly on hot days with little warning. During these events visibility can be severely reduced, making it dangerous to drive or walk outside until the storm passes over. Additionally, dust clouds carry particles that can irritate eyes and lungs, so people with respiratory issues should take extra caution during these times.

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Poor education system

Living in Phoenix can be a great experience for those looking for a warm year-round climate and plenty of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the city’s education system leaves much to be desired. Poor funding, overcrowded classrooms, and outdated curricula contribute to an overall substandard educational environment that negatively impacts students’ learning experiences.

For starters, many schools in Phoenix are inadequately funded, leaving teachers with limited resources from which to teach their classes. This lack of financial support makes it difficult for teachers to purchase classroom supplies and technology needed for student success. Furthermore, overcrowding is a common problem; with more students than desks or chairs available in the classroom at any given time, it can be hard for educators to provide personalized instruction and attention to each individual student.

The high school drop-out rate is incredibly high at 29%, far above the national average of 16%. This means that many students are not graduating with a diploma or GED and are unable to secure good jobs or pursue higher education.

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Widespread air population

Phoenix has some of the worst air quality in the United States due to its location near the Desert Southwest and its large population. With over 1.650 million people living in the city, and driving around in close proximity to each other, toxic emissions released by vehicles can mix with dust and other airborne particles creating a dangerous combination that poses serious health risks when inhaled into our lungs. This problem is further compounded by the lack of natural barriers like mountains or bodies of water which would otherwise provide some protection from external pollutants entering the atmosphere.

Advisory warns of elevated ozone levels in Phoenix area

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Monotonous and barren desert landscape

If you’re considering a move to Phoenix, Arizona, you should know that living in the desert can be a bit of an adventure. But the monotonous and barren desert landscape may not be for everyone. The lack of green vegetation offers nothing to look at but dirt and sand – making it a very dull environment year-round.

Phoenix Desert Landscape

Mountains and cacti surround the city, but these features can quickly blend together and make living in Phoenix feel mundane. Additionally, there are very few bodies of water which means activities such as fishing or swimming are almost impossible unless you’re willing to travel outside of the city.

A lot of creepy and dangerous animals

From rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, scorpions, and mountain lions, to arachnids like black widows or brown recluse spiders, Phoenix is full of creatures that can cause serious harm if they’re not taken seriously. Rattlesnakes are particularly common in residential areas, while scorpions and other bugs can often be found in homes, yards, and public spaces. Additionally, mountain lions have been spotted near hiking trails and even in downtown neighbourhoods. It’s important to take precautions when living in or visiting Phoenix because these dangerous animals could pose a threat if encountered unexpectedly.

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Bottom line

In conclusion, living in Phoenix can be challenging due to the extreme heat, lack of affordable housing, widespread air pollution, dangerous animals, and limited job opportunities. Despite these issues, many people still love living in Phoenix due to its vibrant culture, diverse population and endless entertainment options. The city has something for everyone, and it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Phoenix home. It is important to do your own research before making any big decisions about where you’d like to live.

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