Reasons why Missouri is so dangerous?

5 Reasons why Missouri is so dangerous | Must Read Before Moving

Reasons why Missouri is so dangerous

Missouri is a diverse state, located in the centre of the Midwest. With its rich culture, beautiful scenery, and plenty of vibrant communities to explore, this state can be a great place to live. From the historic city of St. Louis to the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains, bustling cities and quaint small towns, Missouri offers a variety of activities and attractions that make living in Missouri an exciting and rewarding experience.

Nonetheless, even with all the perks it has to offer, Missouri has gained a reputation as one of the more dangerous states in the US. This is due to a number of factors which range from a high rate of violent crime to numerous natural disasters, tornados and flooding and gun violence. These factors are discussed in detail below.

Why is Missouri so dangerous?

Here are the five top reasons why Missouri is so dangerous

1. A lot of high-crime areas  

Overall, crime is more common in Missouri than it is on average nationwide. The chances of being a victim of violent crime in Missouri (generally) is 1 in 187, while that of being a victim of property crime is 1 in 42. Areas like St Louis and Kansas City have especially high crime rates, characterized with exceptionally high homicide rates. Springfield, Kennett, and Joplin also have a considerably high rate of crime. In many cases, poverty and unemployment drive people to commit criminal acts out of desperation or need. See how more details on Missouri crime rates and numbers here.

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2. High rates of drug use and drug trafficking

In recent years, Missouri has seen a dramatic increase in both recreational and illicit drug use. The increasing number of people using drugs has directly impacted crime and poverty levels, with both reaching unprecedented heights in recent years. The most used and trafficked drugs are Marijuana, Cocaine, among other illegal drugs.

Drug trafficking is high in big cities Like Kansas. Recently, on the 26th of January 2023, a few people were indicted in a drug-trafficking conspiracy following an investigation into an armed and violent drug-trafficking organization operating in the Kansas City metropolitan area. See the news here.

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3. Ease of access to weaponry

One concerning thing is that many people who would otherwise not have access to guns are able to obtain them easily due to the lenient standards in the state. In addition, there have been reports that some people illegally carrying weapons have used them in criminal activity or even threatened acts against innocent citizens. For instance, in March 2022, a law enforcement operation conducted in Kansas City led to the arrest of 25 drug dealers and confiscation of 27 firearms and 1,877 rounds of ammunition, among hundreds of kilograms of illegal drugs. See the statistics here.

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4. Frequent tornadoes and storms

Natural disasters like Tornadoes and storms tend to occur more frequently in the Midwest region than anywhere else in the United States; Missouri is right in its centre. The state is unfortunately prone to frequent tornado activity during the spring and summer months. FEMA has declared parts of Missouri as having a high risk for extreme weather events such as tornadoes. When they occur, tornadoes and storms have a devastating impact not just on residents but also on the local economy. Homes are damaged, people lose lives, and businesses suffer due to facilities’ destruction and power outages resulting from the destruction of power lines.

The emotional toll can be even worse for those who experience these disasters firsthand or lose loved ones in them. Unfortunately, this situation is likely to get worse as climate change continues to make severe weather events more common around the world.

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5. Frequent small earthquakes and tremors particularly in the Eastern and Southern parts of Missouri

Living in Missouri may not seem as dangerous as living near an active volcano or fault line, but the state is far from immune to seismic activity. Missouri experiences frequent small earthquakes and tremors that can cause significant damage if residents are unaware or unprepared. The New Madrid Seismic Zone, located near the borders of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky is responsible for most of the seismic activity experienced in Missouri.

Check this site to learn more about the most quake-prone areas in Missouri.

Wrap Up

Overall, living in Missouri is not all that bad. Sure, there are a few downsides, such as criminal activity and natural disasters. But overall, Missouri has plenty of perks for people of all ages. with the right knowledge of what to expect, many people find that they can still have an enjoyable experience living in Missouri.

Thankfully, state and local governments in Missouri are taking steps to help make life better for those who call this home. The state of Missouri has established a number of initiatives to help address crime throughout the state by providing additional resources to law enforcement agencies as well as strengthening laws related to violent crimes and drug offences.

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