Reasons why Pahokee is the worst town in Florida

8 Reasons why Pahokee is the worst town in Florida | Pahokee Facts

Reasons why Pahokee is the worst town in Florida

Living in Pahokee, Florida can be quite a challenge. It is a small town with limited resources and opportunities. In this article, we will discuss why Pahokee is considered one of the worst towns in the entire state of Florida. We will discuss factors such as the lack of job opportunities, high crime rate, inadequate infrastructure, poor educational system, scarce population, and more.

About Pahokee

Pahokee, Florida is a small town in Palm Beach County that has been the subject of many negative reports. It’s known for being one of the poorest towns in the state, with high levels of crime and poverty. For these reasons, Pahokee has earned itself a reputation as one of the worst towns in Florida.

Here are other factors that make Pahokee one of the worst towns in Florida.

It is scarcely populated

The city has a population of approximately 6, 300 people, with a median age of 36.8. Of the 6,300 residents, 48.9% are female and the rest are male.  Majority of the population here are US-born citizens (83.61%).

There are about 1, 718 households in the city, each comprising of about 3 members. Family units make up over 70% of households in Pahokee, while non-family establishments account for the remaining percentage (about 30%). About 39% of the households have children while the remaining 69% of the households have no children.

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See more about Pahokee’s demographics here.

The crime rate is 1.4 times higher than the national average

One major issue contributing to the high crime rate is the lack of economic opportunities for citizens. With few job prospects and low wages available, many people turn to criminal activities as their only source of income. Additionally, drug use is rampant throughout the city, leading people into desperate situations where they may resort to criminal activity in order to get money or access drugs.

Furthermore, Pahokee’s rural location contributes to its lawlessness; since it is so remote there are fewer police officers patrolling and enforcing laws within city limits.

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The city looks deserted and creepy

Pahokee, Florida is one of the most desolate towns in the state. The once bustling town has been reduced to a ghost town, with deserted streets and boarded-up buildings giving an eerie feel. The most obvious reason for the city’s state is lack of economic activity. The poverty level is incredibly high, with only a few businesses operating in the area. Many people have thus fled the town due to lack of job prospects or because they simply want to live somewhere safer.

The residents who remain must battle against crime as well as harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes and floods. There are no recreational facilities or entertainment options for citizens to enjoy either which further adds to the bleakness of life here. It’s easy to see why Pahokee is considered by many to be the worst town in Florida.

Slow economic growth

The first major obstacle to economic advancement in Pahokee is its lack of economic activity and industry. Low population, underdeveloped infrastructure, and limited transportation options also contribute to the sluggish economy. The city was built on agriculture and vast marshlands, but many of those jobs have since disappeared due to industrial automation and changes in agricultural practices. With few other industries available, unemployment levels are sky-high and poverty is rampant throughout the city.

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Low Wages

Many people point to low-income levels as one major red flag on Pahokee’s report card. The median household income in Pahokee is $25,243 which is significantly lower than both the median statewide and national incomes. This low-income level means that locals are unable to afford basic necessities like food, clothing and healthcare services- leading to an increased rate of poverty.

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Underdeveloped infrastructure

Pahokee’s roads are in appalling condition; full of potholes and cracks, making it very difficult for residents to get around safely. The same can be said about its public transportation system which is inefficient and unreliable at best. Additionally, access to basic utilities such as power and water supply are few and far between, with frequent outages lasting longer than they should.

Very few businesses thrive in Pahokee due to poor or lack of infrastructure and supporting services, which limits growth possibilities; resulting in lack of economic activity and high unemployment rates among locals.


Limited job opportunities

With limited employment options and an economy that struggles to keep up with the rest of Florida, Pahokee has become a place where few people want to live.  68.94% of the working population are white-collar workers while blue-collar workers make up 31.06% of the working population. There are very few entrepreneurs in the city, and most of the working people are employed by private companies and few by government institutions.

Due to the low population and lack of infrastructure, Pahokee’s economic activity is low and economic growth is sluggish. As such, job opportunities are limited, unemployment is very high and most households live below the poverty line.

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It’s always thundering and raining in Pahokee, literally

Pahokee is frequently plagued with intense rains and thunderstorms. The city’s location puts it at risk for some of the worst storms and rains that Florida has to offer. The rains come in strong bursts, often lasting several hours or more at a time, which can make it difficult to live a normal life. From damaging homes and businesses to causing flooding and power outages, frequent rains and thunderstorms make it difficult for residents to enjoy outdoor activities.

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Is Pahokee Florida safe?

As earlier mentioned, Pahokee’s crime rate is 1.4 times higher than the national average. This does not mean the entire city is unsafe and dangerous to live in. Property crimes-like burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft- are more frequent than violent crime. Cases of murder and rape are very low however robbery and assault are moderate.

The northwest part of the city is considered the safest. Overall, with respect to crime, Pahokee fairs just like many other cities in the US. Arguably, living in Pahokee is quite safe as long as people remain aware of their surroundings and use due diligence when out at night or leaving valuable items unattended. The police are always willing to help if people have any concerns about safety, so don’t hesitate to reach out if needed.

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Pahokee FL homes for sale

The median home value at Pahokee is $ 108, 800, which is way below the national average of $ 320, 679. Finding the best neighbourhoods to live in Pahokee can be tricky; however, there are many great options to choose from.

The neighbourhood of Flagler Estates lies just outside of Pahokee’s city limits. This area offers a wide range of homes for sale or rent, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking for affordability and convenience. The community is close to local amenities such as shops, restaurants, schools, parks and more.

Another top pick is the Trafalgar Square subdivision. Located on the western side of town, this neighbourhood boasts impressive homes with large lots and plenty of space between each property.

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, Pahokee is the worst city in Florida for many reasons. It has a high crime rate, is desolate, and lacks economic opportunities. The city also has a lackluster infrastructure and limited transport options. All these factors contribute to creating an environment that does not favour its residents. Pahokee is a great example of how policy decisions can have a devastating effect on its citizens for years to come. However, property prices are way below the national average and those willing to give it a shot can move to the city and explore what it has to offer.

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