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No go areas in Manchester

About Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant and diverse city, with much to offer both visitors and locals alike. However, like any large metropolitan area, there are some areas of the city that locals and visitors alike should be aware of with respect to insecurity and crime. This article will look at the ‘no go’ areas in Manchester and why these areas should be avoided. It will also provide insight into how to stay safe when visiting the city, as well as which areas of Manchester are still considered safe for travellers and locals.

The identified ‘no go areas in Manchester are mostly those that have a reputation of being unsafe due to gangs, drug users, organized crime and drug traffickers and rampant socially harmful behaviours.

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Moss Side

Moss Side is a neighbourhood in Manchester, England, with a population of around 20, 745 people. It has been blighted by gang violence and drug crime for decades. This has led to Moss Side earning the reputation of the no-go area in Manchester.

The area was once a thriving community and home to many small local businesses. However, during the late 1980s and early 1990s, gangs began to form and criminal activity increased dramatically.  This caused law-abiding residents to flee the area; leaving it desolate and dangerous for those who remained behind. In recent years, Moss Side has experienced an increase in criminal activity including drug dealing, gang violence, unlawful gathering and anti-social behaviour.

The government has introduced initiatives such as CCTV surveillance cameras across the borough which have helped reduce incidents of violent crime by up to 70%. Whilst there have been attempts by the police and council over recent years to address this issue, Moss Side remains one of Manchester’s most deprived areas today – with high levels of poverty and crime continuing to blight this community on a daily basis.

Ten in hospital after Manchester shooting in Moss Side

Hulme Hall

Located in the southwest part of Manchester, this area is notorious for its high levels of anti-social behaviour and crime. It is estimated that between 20 to 30 thousand people live in the community with a large majority being young adults without an occupation or education.

Hulme Hall is a deprived neighbourhood with high levels of unemployment; hence poverty rates are high. Over the years, it has become a hub for drug trafficking, gang activity and other criminal activity and antisocial behavior including vandalism and alcohol abuse. The police force has however made efforts; they have increased surveillance alongside launching several campaigns to try and tackle these problems, but unfortunately, success remains evasive.

Is this really the most dangerous street in Manchester? - Manchester Evening News

Nottingham, gun crime

Nottingham, a city in the East Midlands of England, is known for its mix of modern and historical attractions. has been inhabited since pre-Roman times and is now the UK’s second-largest inland city. In this context, this city is reputed for gun crime.

The ‘no go’ areas are mostly concentrated around certain parts of the city centre and include parts of Old Market Square and Lace Market. These areas have seen high levels of drug dealing over recent years as well as muggings and burglaries. It is therefore advised that visitors take extra safety precautions when visiting these areas at night or venture out with groups during daylight hours only. Other neighbourhoods such as Clifton Village and West Bridgford are relatively safe but visitors should remain aware while they are out exploring this vibrant city.

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Cheetham Hill

Cheetham Hill is one of Manchester’s most notorious no-go suburbs. It is a populous city that has become synonymous with crime and high levels of anti-social behaviour. Drug dealing, violence and gang-related offences are some of the most common crimes seen here. Robberies, vehicle thefts, intimidation, assault, and burglaries are also rampant within this neighbourhood.

Despite this negative reputation, there are still some positive signs that things may be beginning to improve in Cheetham Hill. The police force has increased its presence in the area to tackle such crimes but more needs to be done.

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People don't come out after 6pm - they're too scared' in Cheetham Hill as escalating gun war claims its latest victim - Manchester Evening News


The most common type of crime occurring in Longsight is burglary and theft. Often times this property crime takes place in residential areas where individuals feel vulnerable to intruders and criminals. Vandalism is another frequent occurrence, with graffiti found on walls throughout the neighbourhood. Drug offences are also widespread due to the presence of gangs that deal narcotics within the community. Violent crimes such as assault and robbery occur too, but fortunately, these are much less common than other offences mentioned above.



Fallowfield is home to the University of Manchester thus it is student-dominated. The roughest part is believed to be the Yew Tree Road estate area. The most common criminal activity reported in Fallowfield is burglaries and car thefts. The burglary rate is particularly high due to the large student population living in close quarters and the failure to lock up their property at night.

Car thefts are also on the rise due to a lack of secure parking spaces for vehicles owned by visitors or non-residents. Additionally, there have been several incidents involving drug trafficking and violent attacks within the area which has caused an increase in violence levels over recent years.

Fallowfield stabbing: Student's killing a 'terrible shock' - BBC News


All the ‘proper’ scallies live here. This area is very scary. The city of Beswick is vibrant unfortunately, it is also home to some of the most notorious gangs in Manchester. The “no go areas” are scattered throughout the city, particularly in its inner-city districts where poverty, unemployment and social exclusion are rife. The most common offences include drug dealing, assault, muggings, vandalism, and burglaries – with police often having difficulty tackling these crimes due to limited resources.

Unsavoury characters can often be found loitering near public transport hubs and other gathering points such as supermarkets or parks. It’s important to avoid these places at night when activity increases significantly.

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The drug trade is Clayton’s biggest problem, with dealers operating openly on street corners day and night. Burglary continues to be an issue as well; some say it’s even worse than in other parts of Manchester due to its proximity to affluent neighbourhoods like Salford Quays. Theft from shops, cars and homes remains a significant problem too, along with violent crimes such as muggings and assaults. Many shops and businesses suffer continual damage due to destruction caused by gangs or other individuals out causing trouble at night time.

The worst places in Manchester city centre for sex attacks, robberies and break-ins have been revealed - Manchester Evening News


Moston is one of the most populous areas with about 19,000 residents. Unfortunately, it has a troubled reputation for being one of the most dangerous places to live and work in England. In recent years, the neighbourhood has been plagued by a range of criminal activities.

Drug use and drug trafficking are widespread in Moston and peddlers can be seen selling and using drugs on local streets or residential housing estates. Violent crimes such as assaults, robberies and sexual offences are also among the most commonly reported crimes in Moston, accounting for nearly half of all incidents recorded by police in this area last year. Burglary, car theft and bicycle thefts were also prevalent throughout 2021, with residents reporting feeling vulnerable due to the lack of visible police presence on the streets.

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Eastlands, where Manchester City is situated

Eastlands, home to Manchester City Football Club, is a large area located in the east end of the city of Manchester. It has become renowned for its association with football due to the presence of one of England’s most successful clubs, and as such it attracts thousands of tourists every year. However, despite its popularity as a tourist destination Eastlands also continues to have sections which are still perceived as ‘no-go areas’ by many in the local community due to high crime, drug use and gang activity.

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Despite the area being relatively upmarket and home to many affluent professionals, certain streets are deemed by locals as off-limits due to their reputation for high crime rates. Reports of drug dealing, muggings and anti-social behaviour have left many residents feeling unsafe when venturing around these parts of the city.

Local police forces have increased foot patrols and have been working closely with the council on initiatives such as better lighting in alleyways, CCTV installations and additional community activities that help boost morale amongst the local population.

Armed police moved to Manchester shooting areas - BBC News

Barlow Moor

The neighbourhood has seen a rise in drug-related activity, with reports of violence occurring on almost a daily basis. In recent years there have been efforts to make Barlow Moor into a safer community for residents, with local authorities working hard to promote security and reduce crime levels. There are initiatives aiming at providing employment opportunities and improving education standards within the area; however, these developments have yet to bear much fruit as the number of reported offences remains high.

Read further about the worst places in Manchester city centre for sex attacks, robberies and break-ins here.

Wrap up

While in Manchester, keep in mind that the biggest determinant of your safety is your own actions. Don’t quarrel, respect other people’s spaces and boundaries, be nice to the neighbours; don’t go looking for trouble. Here are other tips for surviving in these neighbourhoods.

  1. Do not use cash machines during evening hours or late at night, or avoid using them at all if you can.
  2. If you get mugged, don’t engage in a quarrel, just give the muggers what they want and you will leave in one piece. Remember to report the incident to the police.
  3. If you happen to be out late at night, be in groups. There is a high risk of being mugged if you are alone in the streets at 2.00 am or so.
  4. Do not behave in a way that annoys the locals.
  5. Carry your valuables out of sight, and do not ‘wave’ your phone or money around the streets.
  6. Secure your car and bike in a well-overlooked spot.
  7. Don’t put your bag down when in clubs or shopping.


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