Worst Things About Living in Virginia

8 Worst Things about living in Virginia | Virginia Facts

Worst Things about living in Virginia

Living in Virginia

Living in Virginia is an experience, the state offers an abundance of opportunities for those wanting to live in a place full of culture, history, and beauty. Precisely, the state boasts pristine beaches, charming small towns, vibrant cities, and some of the best outdoor recreation spots on the East Coast. With so much to explore and experience, it’s no wonder people are moving to Virginia from all over the country!

In addition to its stunning scenery and historical landmarks, Virginia is home to excellent educational institutions such as George Mason University, Virginia Tech University and the College of William & Mary – all offering world-class education options for students of all levels. The state’s economy is also thriving, with sectors such as technology, retail, healthcare, and finance being key pillars in job creation.

Nonetheless, there are some negatives that come along with living in the Old Dominion state. Here are some of the worst things about living in Virginia that may make you reconsider your relocation plans.

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Terrible traffic in key metropolitan areas

Traffic is real and terrible, especially in Richmond and the Northern Virginia metropolitan area. Virginia has some of the worst rush hour traffic in the country—no matter what direction you’re coming from or going to! From Richmond all the way up to Fairfax County, you are likely to find yourself stuck on congested roads and highways during peak times.

The traffic situation has become so extreme that many people are now looking for alternative modes of transportation, such as carpooling or taking public transportation. Unfortunately, even those solutions don’t always work out due to overcrowded buses and trains during rush hour.

There are also concerns about air pollution due to vehicular emissions from this heavy traffic congestion.

Maryland, Virginia Propose Fix To One Of The Region's Worst Traffic  Bottlenecks : NPR

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High taxes, especially sales and income taxes

Virginia is frequently ranked as one of the least tax-friendly states in America due to its high-income taxes and sales tax rates.

The state adopts a progressive income tax ranging from 2% to 3% to 5% to 5.75% of taxable incomes.

The income tax rate in Virginia is among the highest in the nation; it’s a whopping 5.75 per cent on all taxable income over $17,000! This means that if you make more than $50,000 per year in Virginia, you will be paying a lot more in taxes than in most other states. Additionally, corporate and property taxes are also higher than in many other states which adds an extra burden for homeowners who have to pay hefty sums each year just to keep their homes and investments safe.

High taxes adds to the high cost of living crisis especially if you live near major cities like Washington D.C., Richmond, or Norfolk.

Virginia Taxes New Firms Higher, NC the Opposite | Bacon's Rebellion

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High healthcare costs

Healthcare costs are higher than average for individuals not covered by an employer-sponsored plan or Medicaid. The cost of health care services such as visits to doctors’ offices and hospitals, tests, procedures and treatments can be extremely expensive.

For example, a routine visit to a doctor may cost several hundred dollars while an MRI could cost thousands. Prescription medications also tend to be significantly more expensive than in other states. Additionally, many insurance plans have high deductibles which make it difficult for people with limited incomes to afford even basic medical care.


Learn more about Virginia’s health insurance premiums here.

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High property prices

Homeowners and renters alike struggle to afford their homes, as real estate values continue to climb. Despite having some of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the nation, many people cannot access them due to prohibitively high home prices.

Those who do manage to buy a home find that they may have over-extended themselves financially, especially due to mortgage payments. Property taxes also tend to be quite high across Virginia, making homeownership even more expensive than originally anticipated. Even those looking for an apartment or rental face skyrocketing prices that take a large portion of their income each month.

Benefits of living and working in West Virginia | Jobcase

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Summers are ridiculously humid in Virginia

To some people living in Virginia, summers are some of the worst times of the year. From June to September, the humidity levels rise exponentially, resulting in sweltering temperatures and oppressive heat waves.

Small Change in Average, Big Change in Extremes | WXshift

Not only is the humidity unbearable, but traffic congestion can make it feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of gridlock.

Virginia’s Nuclear power plants

Virginia is home to two of the world’s largest nuclear reactors, one located on the Hong Island peninsula in Surry County, and another one in Louisa County. Living near a nuclear power plant also poses safety risks due to potential accidents and malfunctions that could cause severe damage to the surrounding environment and public health. For example, if an earthquake or other natural disaster were to occur it could lead to a meltdown at the facility and release toxic materials into the atmosphere which could be dangerous if inhaled by people nearby.

While such accidents are rare, you can bet that technical innovation cannot entirely eliminate the risk of mishaps and human errors in nuclear plant operations. The last accident occurred in 1986, at the Surry nuclear plant in Williamsburg, after the rupture of a steel pipe carrying ‘superheated’ water and steam.

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Numerous military bases

Virginia has 27 military bases. One problem with living near so many military installations is that there is increased noise pollution from military aircraft, flying overhead or weapons testing taking place during certain times of the day. At times, the noise becomes very disruptive. Additionally, being near so many military installations could potentially mean more exposure to hazardous materials or chemicals used during training exercises.

Military Bases In Virginia: A List Of All 19 Bases In VA

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Unreliable public transport outside of big, populated urban areas

Life in rural Virginia may be picturesque and peaceful, but for many residents, the lack of reliable public transportation is one of the worst things about living in this state. While big cities like Richmond, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads have extensive rail and bus networks, those living outside these areas are left with a patchwork system that is often unreliable and inconvenient.

Residents living outside of major metropolitan areas struggle to access basic services due to the limited availability of public transport. As well as being infrequent, buses can be overcrowded or cancelled altogether due to poor maintenance or weather conditions. This leaves many rural Virginians unable to access essential medical care or employment opportunities, further exacerbating economic inequality across the state.

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Bottom line

In conclusion, living in Virginia is not all bad. It’s a great place to raise a family with its quality schools and a strong economy. However, the high cost of living, traffic, high taxes and unreliable public transport in rural areas can be a great turnoff. While there are certainly good and bad aspects of Virginia life, it ultimately comes down to individual preferences and lifestyle.

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